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An advanced product for Mass, Strength, Power and Size

DBOLS-50™ is a Double Strength and updated version of our #1 selling and our most popular muscle growth enhancement supplement available. Known literally as the “King of Mass” but now at a massive 120 vegetarian capsules offering X2 the previous dosage!

DBOLS-50™ was formulated with bulking and strength gains in mind. This targeted mass anabolic supplement will not cause water retention and bloating like other products online. Helping generate muscle pumps and driving blood into the muscles, this primarily designed mass agent will also help increase vascularity during weight lifting sessions when lean.

If size, strength and mass is your goal, this product will help elevate the building blocks of muscle accumulation. Scientifically engineered to improve protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, muscle and strength gains should come quickly with a diet high in protein and clean calories.

*DBOLS-50 was designed to help:

  • Boost Muscle Pumps, Vasodilation and Shape*
  • Generate Sold, High Quality Lean Muscle Mass*
  • Fast-Acting Double Strength Formula*
  • Improving Nitrogen Retention and Protein Synthesis*
  • Help Muscle Repair*
  • Enhance Overall Strength and Growth*


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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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