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Buy Z Strain Mushroom Online. The history surrounding the Z-Strain Mushroom is a bit of a mystery. Also known as Z Cube, some have suggested that it was the result of mislabeled genetics



Z Strain Magic Mushrooms

Z Strain Mushroom, There is some controversy in the mycological world about the origins of the Z-strain. Some people believe that Z-Strain was bred by the famous Psylocybe Fanaticus (Robert McPherson) in 1996 from Golden Teacher and another magic mushroom strain.

Robert McPherson pioneered the PF-Tek method for mushroom cultivation.

Others believe that Z-Strain is a variation of the Golden Teacher strain or even just the renaming of the GT strain by someone known in the internet mycology world as “Keeper” (and who is not well liked by the community).

Z Strain Mushroom For Sale

The look of the Z-Strain has changed over the years, which is a somewhat common occurrence. Z-Strain is known for having some of the most varied sizes of fruiting bodies and there is also great variance in the shape and size of the caps.

When you consume the Z-Strain it gives you a feeling of enlightenment and they can help you connect to nature. They also have an amazing ability to heal the mind and spirit. Z-Strain magic mushrooms may appear small, but don’t let their size fool you.

The potency is considered moderately strong. With beautiful golden caps, these are often mistaken for Golden Teacher mushrooms, however they are slightly smaller and the caps are more delicate.

Z-Strain is considered a moderately potent magic mushroom.

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Please always use caution when dosing magic mushrooms, below you will find a rating chart that will help describe to you the strength of each mushroom and the potency each strain contains. It’s recommended that you start with a more mild strain of shrooms before progressing to a more potent strain.

Magic Mushroom Potency Rating Scale

  1.  Mildly Potent (Mexican)
  2. Moderately Potent (Golden Teacher, African Transkei, B+, Z-Strain, Brazilian)
  3.  Potent (Cambodian, Wollongong)
  4.  Very Potent (Penis Envy, Albino Penis Envy, Penis Envy Uncut)
  5. Extremely Potent (Blue Meanie)



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